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they already use the ANALYTICALWaYS technology


Héctor Morales

“Having a powerful predictive tool as Analyticalways end to end solution provide is  key to our succes”


El Ganso and Analyticalways are developing a productive collaboration between teams with an approach that goes far beyond the usual customer-supplier relationship.

El Ganso, one of the leading Spanish fashion chains with an extremely successful history is also reasserting its success with the search for efficiency in its processes in order to make them scalable and have mature and effective solutions.

Responsable de Compras, Nícoli

Fátima Armada

“The biggest benefit  after the implantation of the tool is the increasment of our profitability and a reduction of our cost. We generate more cashflow and we increase our rotation”

Nícoli has been a revolution in understanding children’s and young people’s fashion in Spain. Fully aware of the impact of innovation on business profitability, they rely on Analyticalways technology to set the course for new practices in managing their Value Chain processes.

From Analyticalways we have put the most appropriate technological tools at your fingertips, creating from the beginning a strategic relationship with a focus on excellence. The result? Increased profits and increased levels of market competitiveness . We know that a sector leader like Nicoli sets the standard for efficiency.


Analyticalways’ technology has provided Oro Vivo with the power to know the sales in real time and the KPIs for those sales. Ever since Oro Vivo started applying predictive technology, they have been able to handle information on the conversion ratios, KPIs by average sale, average price, UPT and other ratios that help them take decisions far faster, providing them with agility and saving considerable time when taking care of product transfers between stores.

Controller de Oro Vivo

Eduard Sayos

“Analyticalways has change the way we do the repleasement method to our shops “