Gestión de Vendedores

Gestión de Vendedores

Boost your sales

Suggestions that improve your results

ROIvolution helps you to transmit your
strategy from the top of the central to
the last mile with artificial intelligence.

Your sales coaching

Prescribing technology

RLF (Retail Learning Forecast) suggests
the most efficient daily tactics to multiply
results in your stores. The trick? We help
you to achieve your sales targets one ticket
at a time.

“You have to sell 6 tickets of 150 value to reach your target of average ticket sell”

Manage shifts in stores

If you can, I can

The automatic distribution of targets is fairer
because it takes into account shifts – including
absences and vacations.


Descubre cómo ROIvolution puede ayudarte

Encontrarás un equipo robusto que domina el sector y la tecnología, con empatía y experiencia al servicio de tus metas.